Advanced Heifer 24
Advanced Heifer 24

Advanced Heifer 24 – Building the herd of the future.

Success on a dairy farm starts with quality heifer rearing. Advanced Heifer 24 is the start of that journey - to produce and maintain healthy cows for a long life.

Heifers are the future of your herd and your business, so it's important to start off on the right foot. We focus on the calves' environment and the 4Cs.


  1. Colostrum management
  2. Cost effective nutrition
  3. Cutting down antibiotic usage
  4. Calving at 24 months

Advanced Heifer 24 is a rigorous management and nutritional program that helps our customers start their calves on the right path to become healthy, productive and fertile cows, driving their business forward. It all starts with our performance audit. This detailed study looks at:

  • Health and welfare
  • Comfort and environment
  • Building layout
  • Colostrum management
  • Hygiene
  • Management practice
  • Nutrition

We'll then advise you of any bottlenecks affecting your system and work together to an agreed set of KPIs. These targets will be unique to your farm to produce healthy and productive youngstock.

If you'd like to target calving at 24 months, or simply want to start the journey towards healthier cows, then please give Liz a call on 07722147982 or email

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