Organic Feeds
Organic Feeds

Organic feeds – Traceability from soil to society

As an organic dairy farmer, you need to be assured of the highest quality products with no cross contamination.

Advanced Nutrition work closely with their supplier, Hi Peak Organic Feeds, to offer the best in organic nutrition and management to this growing sector.

Hi Peak is unique in being the UK’s premier 100% organic mill, dedicated to manufacturing organic feeds, blends, minerals and speciality animal nutrition products. The mill only ever uses organic raw materials, and with that the firm guarantees no cross contamination with conventional raw materials or feeds.

Hi Peak prides itself on having the largest raw material book of any organic feed manufacturer in the country, and only uses premium raw nutritional materials, as opposed to those that can be either used for feed or for bedding.

Its buyers and technical support staff have significant experience of the organic dairy industry, which the team at Advanced Nutrition and our clients can benefit from.

Its central location means it delivers to customers from the North of Scotland into Cornwall and also into Ireland, with haulage efficiencies secured through the transport of raw materials one way and finished compound feed the other.

Owned by a research and development driven company, Devenish Nutrition, Hi Peak strives to bring new and innovative raw materials and products into the organic sector, particularly focusing on dairy. Working together with Hi Peak, our Ruminant Specialists at Advanced Nutrition will bring the best in organic feeds and advice to your farm. This covers everything from soil health to plant health, to animal health to human health.

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