Total Digestion Management

Advanced Nutrition Launches Total Digestion Management at Dairy Tech 2023 to help dairy farmers to optimise feed efficiency and maximise return on investment for their farms.

As farm clients tackle the issue of sustainability, Advanced Nutrition are helping to support and  provide solutions. 

We’re working together with our farmers to help reduce carbon emissions through efficient input use and optimal nutrition. As an independent feed supplier and farm management consultancy firm, we’re in a unique position to provide clients with the best nutritional advice. We take pride in helping farms move forward as sustainability goals are developed and implemented throughout the supply chain. 

Our Total Digestion Management (TDM) program is just one of the ways  we can help our farmers achieve their sustainability targets. It’s a rigorous and systematic methodology to create the best feed efficiency for the dairy herd. Feed efficiency has always been a core focus for the team, and we have a wealth of experience in this area.

Total Digestion Management takes a holistic approach where we investigate and monitor feed inputs and performance on the farm against the context of the farm itself. So, we don’t look at the diet in isolation, we also consider wider farm objectives and KPI’s. In doing so, we can respond by considering the impact of different variables such as milk contract requirements, feed efficiency, forage utilisation, and nitrogen efficiency. Wider than the diet, the team at Advanced Nutrition assess the cow’s environment, mobility issues and disease incidence, providing practical advice to improve overall herd performance. This way, TDM is bespoke to each farm, even though the management goals remain the same.


The TDM Process


TDM always starts with the cows and the farm.


Management Goals

TDM works across four main areas of cow health detailed in the diagram below...

Tools to help sustainability issues

Focusing on long term sustainability goals provides direction, but it’s equally important to consider current market conditions and feed availability in the day-to-day nutrition management on farm. Advanced Nutrition has developed a set of tools for ongoing management to reduce our impact both short and long-term.

Milk price analysis
To calculate ROI for changes we have made to a diet on farm.

Milk nitrogen efficiency calculator 
To work out protein efficiency.

Multi-cut calculator
This tool enables us to calculate fertiliser application to improve nitrogen efficiency. 

Robot performance analysis
Benchmarking to improve performance 
as part of the Advanced Robot program.


If your farm is looking towards sustainability goals but would like to retain or improve margins, then why not speak to Advanced Nutrition? We’ll be able to tell you how TDM could benefit your farm.  Call the office on 015242 63139 or email


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