Eoghan Mullery | Technical Director

Eoghan Mullery

Eoghan works across our Robot and Parlour milking divisions. He works and supports a number of clients moving from the parlour to Automated Milking Systems

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Eoghan hails from a farming background in Ireland. He relocated to Scotland where he gained a BTech (Hons) in Agricultural technology. Eoghan started working in the UK ruminant sector 15 years ago, including a 3 year spell working in North America as part of a joint venture with two nutrition goups. He now works with us as Technical Director, he also works across both our Advanced Parlour and Advanced Robot divisions, working with a large numbder of herds moving from the parlour onto AMS.

As a first step assessor he is passionate about the importance of preventing lameness, particularly in robotic herds, where the problems associated with lameness can be exacerbated. Eoghan also focusses on the transition period, preparing dry cows for a healthy and profitable lactation. He is also interested in cow signals, shed, cubicle and trough design for maximum comfort and efficiency within existing accommodation.


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