Glen Williams | Ruminant Specialist

Glen Williams

Our resident Kiwi, Glen has plenty of experience in managing large herds. Relevant to any size herd, is his passion for detail and managing costs to improve…

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Glen started out as a farm hand milking 125 cows, working his way to farm manager milking 1600 cows. He also converted a goat farm to a dairy farm, used a mixer wagon looking after the TMR for 600 cows, milked twice a day. His work in New Zealand was a fantastic basis for dairy farm management on a large scale.

Glen now resides in Scotland where he’s been for the past five years. There may be some difference in scale, but Glen brings with him the experience and understanding of large herds to target the same high levels of production on UK farms. He was also involved in bringing automatic feeding to the UK with his previous employment. One key lesson learnt from his past experience is the importance of knowing and understanding your costs of production. This is something that Glen is particularly passionate about, as it is a fundamental part of farming, but it can make a huge difference to profit margins. He’s also very knowledgeable in utilising grass for forage to improve animal health and production.

Animal health is at the core of everything that Advanced Nutrition which fits with Glen's philosposphy. He's also happy to be a part of a team that shares knowledge and exerience amongst forward-thinking and open-minded people. 



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