Liz Newman | Heifer Rearing Specialist

Liz Newman

Liz brings practical experience to help our customers produce the healthiest youngstock. As our dedicated Heifer Rearing Specialist, she'll be working…

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Liz Newman is our dedicated Heifer Rearing Specialist working with all of our customers across the UK. With a passion for youngstock, Liz will be an instrumental member of your farm team. She'll also work closely with our Ruminant Specialists and your farm vet to gain a full picture of your dairy business.

With a Bioveterinary degree from Harper Adams, Liz also has six years' experience in the Ruminant Nutrition. Her extensive knowledge of Heifer Rearing products and her practical farm experience means she is a key member of the team.

Liz understands that good heifer rearing is crucial to a successful dairy business and is really passionate about the start of the journey for these youngstock. So, please get in contact with Liz to get the best from your herd.


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