Marc Harvey | Ruminant Nutritionist

Marc Harvey

Marc Harvey brings a wealth of large herd management experience to Advanced Nutrition.

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Marc was brought up on a Dairy Farm in North Cornwall and whilst the farm is still in operation, Marc was keen to join the management side of dairy farming which is where he’s been for the last 24 years.

Joining the team at Advanced Nutrition follows a long career in Saudi Arabia for the last 9 years, managing high yielding herds as part of a senior management team. Marc's keen to use his experience in managing 100,000 dairy cows and 70,000 youngstock on one unit to translate his knowledge of achieveing high yields and benefit multiple farms over here in the UK. Marc is a big advocate of farm protocols managed within the context of a whole farm approach. This is exactly why Marc joined the team at Advanced Nutrition. Nutrition is only part of the bigger picture on farm and the team always view this within the context of the cow’s environment, health and management. An ambitious member of the team, Marc wants to be top of his game and is ready to work with Dairy Farmers in the South West who want to be at the top of theirs!



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