Bespoke Feed Blends

As an independent supplier of ruminant feeds, bespoke blends are at our core – providing our customers with the best in tailored nutrition. We research and select top quality products from around the globe, delivering balanced nutrition to your cows and adding value to your business.

The use of bespoke blends ensures less wastage and a more cost-effective way of feeding your dairy herd.

Please ask us about Advanced Fusion - a new approach to animal feed. 

The Fusion concept allows us to formulate, if required, all the minerals, trace elements, vitamins, rumen buffers, yeasts and fats into one complete balanced product. 

Our blended micro ingredients make sure everyone of your cows is consistently receiving the correct balance of nutrients - maximising intakes, increasing milk production and reducing labour costs!

The mixing of these key ingredients before they reach your farm ensures higher accuracy, a more consistent mix for your cows and a more efficient dairy feeding system. 

To find out more about feeding bespoke blends to your dairy herd contact us.

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