Footbath Treatments

Lameness prevention goes a long way to ensuring your herd is productive. As First Step Assessors, our Ruminant Specialists will help you to monitor and prevent lameness within your herds. As part of this assessment, foot bathing treatments will be recommended.

As independent suppliers and researchers, we can help select the right product for your farm. We’ll also give you plenty of practical tips in establishing a working protocol, ensuring effective foot bathing. We will look at the location of the bath, advise on solutions and evaluate the frequency of visits required to ensure optimal results.
Ideally foot baths will need to be 3.5 metres long. Foot bathing frequency depends on cleanliness of cows but also foot bath length. We should look at 3 times a week for foot bathing but chemical and frequency will tend to be farm and infection dependent. Our advice will be tailored to your farm, as each will be different.

Why not give the team a call today and ask us about lameness prevention?

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