Rumisaf - Effective Digestion

Rumisaf - Effective Digestion

Rumisaf is a live yeast product exclusive to Advanced Nutrition. Helping maintain a healthy rumen, critical in delivering milk yield and overall cow performance. Containing the proven live yeast, Actisaf SC 47, its clever structure ensures the maximum number of live yeast cells get to the digestive tract of the animal.

The digestion of spring grass in the rumen.

The dry matter and nutrient analysis of grass is highly unpredictable and can fluctuate from morning to evening, let alone over the course of a week.

Grass high in sugars is rapidly fermented by the rumen microbes, which can contribute to a sharp decrease in rumen pH. Sub optimal rumen pH leads to the development of acidosis.

Sub-acute rumen acidosis is a common occurrence at grass where rumen pH dips below pH 6.0 for a prolonged period of time after the ingestion of leafy grass, thereby killing fibre and starch digesting bacteria, which has the knock on effect of reducing feed digestion and energy output from the rumen.

Rumisaf should be introduced around three weeks prior to your planned turnout date. This gives the yeast time to optimise the rumen microbes required to digest the grass efficiently. 

Your herd may be at risk from Acidosis.

Triggers may include:

  • High levels of fermentable carbohydrates
  • Finely chopped forages
  • Poorly fermented forages
  • Low levels of structural fibre.
  • High concentrate use
  • Spring grass

Recognise any of these symptoms?

cow symptoms

How does Rumisaf work?

The live yeast contained within Rumisaf uses up oxygen in the rumen and enhances the rumen environment. This results in the growth of fibre-digesting bacteria and lactate-utilising bacteria, increasing feed digestion and stabilising rumen pH.


Rumisaf Farm Park

This product contains Actisaf Sc 47 live yeast and should be fed to dairy cows at 50 grams per head per day. This amount provides 75 billion CFU's per day.

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