X-Zelit, DC X-Zel, DC X-Zel Complete

X-Zelit, DC X-Zel, DC X-Zel Complete

X-Zelit is a dry cow feed and is the easy way to transition healthy, profitable cows. Scientifically proven, this highly effective product will significantly improve cow health and lifetime performance. X-Zelit stimulates the cow's own hormonal system to allow better control of calcium throughout the transition period. X-Zelit has been tried and tested on UK farms for over 10 years, producing positive results for the farmers who use it. On average they have saved up to £90 per cow, including the cost of the feed. It is available as a granular feed supplement or as DC X-Zel, which is either mineralised (DC X-Zel Complete) or non mineralised wheat and soya based nut.


Straightforward Dry Cow Management

This dry cow product works as a calcium binder, stimulating the cow's own hormonal system to create a perfect calcium balance at calving. The result is a dramatic drop in levels of clinical and subclinical milk fever, increased health, fertility and post-calving energy.

Benefits when feeding the dry cow

  • significantly reduced cases of milk fever - 100% effective in lab trials
  • significantly reduced cases of sub-clinical milk fever
  • increases milk yield up to 1.5kg ECM
  • 9% increase in colostrum quality
  • increases fertility, reducing the time to pregnancy by 19 days
  • 10% reduction in SCC
The figures above taken from trial results undertaken by Cornell and Copehagen universities.

Straightforward dry cow management

  • feed 2 weeks before calving
  • stop feeding at calving
  • fits any dairy cow diet


  • the products benefits have been scientifically proven by Cornell and Copenhagen University
  • numerous farm trials have proved very sucessful with an average of £90 per cow (including the cost of the feed), being saved

If you'd like to chat about X-Zelit with us, why not give us a call on 01524 263 139, or email office@arn-ltd.com today!
You can also use the metabolic cost disorder calculator to see how much your business could save - simply click here.

X-Zelit FAQ's

What is it?
A synthetic zeolite which is an aluminosilicate, an absorbent.

How does it work?
X-­Zelit reduces the quantity of available calcium from the cow’s feed in the small intestines. The cow then utilises her body’s calcium resources which reduces the risk of calcium levels dipping at calving, a period when demand increases.

Any side effects?

Is it cost effective?
Definitely. Not only will you reduce loses from milk fever and other metabolic disorders, it also drives intakes and, therefore, fertility, and production. Even with a lower milk price, the cow reliably gets going better. X-­Zelit should continue being fed to the cows two weeks prior to calving to ensure maintained milk and fertility post-­calving.

Can you feed it with any dairy cow diet?
Yes, but you’ll see best results with grass silage in the diet.

Does it work with a high straw diet?
Yes, as it still helps with calcium balance from the rest of the diet

If it block calcium, what else does it block?
Inorganic phosphorous temporarily decreases slightly, but if other minerals and vitamins are supplemented at a normal level, we’ve not found any issues.

What happens to the cow if it is fed X-Zelit after calving?
The calcium continues to be bound so it can potentially cause milk fever.

How does it compare to DCAD diets, do I need to measure pH?
It is a lot simpler than DCAD diets. Changes in forage do not alter the effectiveness of the X-­Zelit. pH does not need to be measured in urine as we are not trying to balance anions. The X-­Zelit system is much simpler and much more flexible.

Is it the same as DCAD?
No, DCAD works by balancing anions and can be affected by the diet. X-­Zelit actually binds the calcium, causing a low calcium effect and is therefore not affected by the diets fed.

Can I feed it at a lower rate for longer?
It has to be fed at 500 grams per head to ensure enough calcium is bound out of the diet for full efficiency. Lower doses have been tried but have not been as successful.

I can't manage a 2 week close up diet is that a problem?
The product can be fed safely for longer, but this increases the cost without any extra benefits.

I don't get milk fevers and a low percentage of held cleansings, but metritis is an issue will it help?
Yes, because the cow is in the same hormonal state after calving as she is pre-­calving. She’s driven to want to eat straight after birth. Intakes are therefore higher, giving more energy, which helps reduce metritis.

Do I need to feed dry cow minerals?
Not if you are feeding DC X-Zel Complete, otherwise yes. (You should give minerals to far off dry cows).

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